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Hi! I'm Ata Güner, a composer and musician with a passion for using music to elevate the art of theatre, film and performing arts. 

Here, you'll find a collection of my latest works and projects.


Performing Arts



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Zolapa is my artist name and it represents a music project where I create a style of music that blends downtempo and melodic techno influences. I first introduced the project to the world through short music videos shared on Instagram in 2018, and since then, it has grown into a full-fledged music production venture.


My music is characterized by a hypnotic and dreamlike quality, with beat-driven ambient sounds and emotional melodies. I often incorporate layers of electronic elements that add depth and texture to the overall sound. My use of various musical tools, including digital synthesizers, drum machines, and live instruments, creates a unique sonic landscape that distinguishes my music from others in the genre.


My journey as a music producer began in my early years, with a passion for playing drums and percussions. I later pursued a formal education in music technology and sound engineering, which enabled me to develop my knowledge and skills in music production. Combining my background in drums and sound engineering, I started experimenting with creating my own music, which eventually led to the birth of the Zolapa project.